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At Advanced Hearing Healthcare, we’re committed to helping our patients restore their hearing and improve their quality of life. Armed with the latest hearing loss treatments, we’ll help you get back to doing what you love. Meet our team of highly qualified audiologists and hearing experts.

Christine DiRienzo, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology

Christine DiRienzo, Au.D

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Christine DiRienzo started her career in speech therapy, but she loved the scientific approach behind audiology and made the switch early on. She has been in the field of audiology since 1977, and she’s still just as thrilled to help people as she was when she treated her very first patient.

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Through years of working in the field of audiology, Christine has seen technology evolve from pocket hearing aids (which could only be changed acoustically by drilling holes) in the 1970s through to today’s digitally programmable hearing aids. It’s an exciting field to be part of, mostly because all of these improvements result in a measurably better quality of life for the people who rely on their hearing aids to experience the world around them.

Christine herself is one of those people; she had an accident in 1996 that left her with high frequency loss in her left ear, and she first started wearing hearing aids in 2006. This means that hearing aids are more than just her professional specialty. They’re a part of her own life, and she knows firsthand what a difference they can make. When she walks patients through the process of adjusting to their first pair of hearing aids, she’s speaking from personal experience. And when patients have questions, they can be sure she understands their concerns because she’s been in their shoes.