Audiology Services

We offer a wide range of hearing services. Select a topic to learn more about it.

Hearing Evaluations

Because we are led by a state-licensed audiologist with extensive medical training and decades of experience, we offer thorough hearing tests that look at your entire hearing system, including your outer ear, your ear canal, your inner ear, and how well your brain processes what you hear.

Tinnitus Therapy

If you are experiencing tinnitus (ringing in the ears), we can help treat it using hearing aids.

Earwax Removal

It's important to keep your ears clean to prevent physical obstructions from affecting your hearing. We can clean your ears and your hearing aids regularly to prevent wax buildup.

Balance Testing

Our sense of balance is often connected to our inner ear. If you've noticed that you feel dizzy or off-balance, we can run a test to help determine what might be causing it and what treatment might help.

Custom Earplug Molding

Musicians, hunters, and others whose careers or hobbies involve loud sounds should protect their hearing by wearing earplugs to avoid hearing loss down the line. We can take molds and create custom earplugs that are effective, comfortable, and (especially in the case of musicians) drop the volume in a way that still allows you to hear clearly.


In addition to a more standard hearing test, we offer this sophisticated examination that allows us to determine whether your hearing loss is sensorineural (nerve damage) or conductive (related to a blockage).

Hearing Technology Services

Hearing Aid Fittings

We are familiar with the full range of hearing aids available today and have the expertise to match hearing aids to each patient. Once we've determined which hearing aids will suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle, we can make necessary changes to make sure the hearing aids are comfortable and help you hear clearly.

In-house Hearing Aid Repairs

We have the tools and skills to make many repairs to hearing aids ourselves, which will save time and money compared to sending hearing aids back to the manufacturer.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

These devices are a convenient, relatively inexpensive option that can help you focus on what a specific person is saying. If you're in a crowded, noisy area and having a conversation with one person or group of people, the speaker can hold the device's microphone and their voice will be amplified so that you can better hear and understand what's being said.


This device from Widex lets you wirelessly stream phone calls or music directly to your hearing aids. There's also the option to add a wireless microphone to make one-on-one conversations easier.


The state of Connecticut makes these captioning telephones available for free; we can help you acquire one.

EarQ Secure 4-Year Policy

For your security and peace of mind, we are proud to offer the longest hearing aid warranty available! The Secure 4-Year Warranty is available on all our EarQ hearing aids.

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